Retail Story

Kleeneze Warehouse

We have a saying in this business "FACTS TELL, STORIES SELL". When you talk to people about the business they will want to know how well you are doing. 

So the better the story you have to tell the more likely they will join. The first story we need to produce is a retail story. 

Over the next 4 weeks you need to retail as much product as possible. At this stage I would recommend you to order 2 or 3 boxes of catalogues because you are going to need them. 

Retail story plan     

Deliver and collect 250 + catalogues every week for the next 4 weeks.   

Give catalogues to everybody you know (also include an info booklet)  

Put your wanted flyer in with every catalogue.

Aim to retail e4000 + in the next 4 weeks.

Keep your customer order forms for proof 

Getting your story right is getting the foundations of your business right.