Paying your account

Kleeneze Conference 2010

South Africa

Kleeneze run car and travel incentives.
Ask you sponsor, How you can quilafy for one of these 5 star trips.

How to pay your account for the goods you have received. Kleeneze have devised a simple system to help you

1. Take the statement that Kleeneze has sent you to the bank.

2. Fill out the giro form on the end with the lodgement you are making.

3. Pay the bill over the counter.

If you have not received a statement yet don't worry you can make your payment on a regular bank lodgement slip.

1. Go to any A.I.B branch

2. Get a regular lodgement slip

3. Fill in Sort code 93-12-33

Kleeneze account number 20190281

Account name Kleeneze Ireland

Narrative number which is your six digit distributor e.g. 7******

If you have any questions contact your sponsor.We have now covered every stage of the retail side of the business. 

It is important to pay your account in full and on time as to keep your credit facility.