Making a Bonus

Making a Bonus

How to make a bonus on top of the 20% that Kleeneze pays you. We work a 4 weeks sales period (there are 13 sales periods in a year). Kleeneze calculates your sales for each period and if you achieve sales of over a certain amount they pay you a bonus directly into your bank account.

 �You earn 20% on products you move yourself.

 �You can earn bonuses of 6% to 16% extra on your own sales.

 �You can earn bonuses of 1% to 16% extra on your team's turnover.

Here is a table to show you how it works You earn 20% on your own personal sales +

If you are working the business in the Uk the sales value will be different but the bonus point value will be the same.

Sales in 4 week periodBonus % catalogue priceBonus point value

Don't worry if you can't work out the maths as Kleeneze does all this for you and anybody else that you introduce into the business. In short the more business you do the more money you earn. Introducing new people to the business will increase your turnover and your bonus cheque. You can find out more about this side of the business by attending our training meetings

Eamon Lynch,
4 May 2010, 02:25