How to Distribute your Kleeneze Catalogues

How we work Retail

Now that your Kleeneze catalogues are prepared,the next stage is to get them out into the market place. The first people that need to receive a Kleeneze catalogue should be your family friends and people you know.

There are 2 ways to distribute your Kleeneze catalogues:

  • Presentation (Simply knock at a door and say "I am leaving you our latest catalogue for you to have a look at I will be back in 2 days to collect it").
  • Letter boxing (Simply post the Kleeneze catalogue in the letter box with your Wanted/call back note).
  • Call on every house, don't prejudge. 
  • Use The Kleeneze Rounds book to keep a record.
  • Full version of How to Retail can be downloaded below.
Remember to keep a list of where distributed your Kleeneze catalogues (use your catalogue round book in your Fast Start pack).

You should target to deliver and collect a minium of 200 + Kleeneze catalogues per week

Ring or text your sponsor to let them know how your first drop went.

Download your Kleeneze Retail Manual Below

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