Customer Base

Setting up A Kleeneze customer Base

How to set up and develop a Kleeneze customer base:

Over the next 3 months you will be establishing and servicing your customer base. 

  • You need to be placing 200 + catalogues per week every week to new customers for the next 6 weeks.

  • Use your round book to keep records 

  • After 6 weeks you start again where you first placed your catalogues calling on every house again.

  • You repeat this process 3 times keeping a record of the customers that order from you.

  • After calling on every house 3 times you will have established a regular customer base.

  • You now service these customers on a 4 weekly basis and start to place 100 + catalogues per week in new areas so you can expand your customer base.

  • Your goal is to establish a regular customer base of 600+regular customers.

Eamon Lynch,
22 May 2010, 02:48
Eamon Lynch,
22 May 2010, 02:51