Well the day has finally come to collect your first drop of catalogues I bet you can't wait to see what type of orders you receive?  

There are few basic steps to follow:  

  • If the catalogue is not left on the door step you will need to knock.
  • If there is nobody in you need to leave a Sorry I Missed you note.
  • Check that the person has put their name and address on the order form.
  • Make sure that you collect all your catalogues (as the ones that are hard to get usually have the big orders).
  • It is important to collect all your catalogues.
  • Take the order forms out of your catalogues and put them straight back out again.Catalogues at home don't make you money. 
  • Don't forget to ring or text your sponsor and let them know how you got on.
  • Download the Retail Tracker below.
Eamon Lynch,
4 May 2010, 02:29